György Székely
I was born in Budapest in 1975. I am an architect who takes also photos. I am a photographer who designs also buildings. I am interested in modern minimalist architecture and I prefer functionalist architecture too. I like documentary photography and abstract architectural photography too. I live in Budapest.

Studies, qualifications:
2009		Politecnico di Milano – LLP/Erasmus program
2006-2009	Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design – DLA
2006-2008	Master School of Architects – period XIX.
2005-2011 - Photoschool
1996-2002	Budapest University of Technology, Department of Architecture
1993-1996	Ybl Miklós College of Technology, Department of Urbanism
			Diploma award of the Hungarian Association of Urbanism

2017-               Senior architect – É/1 01-4589
2013-		Building site inspector – ME-É-I-MÉK 01-04589
2013-		Construction supervisor – MV-Ép/A-MÉK 01-04589
2009-		Architect designing authority – É 01-4589
2009-		Member of the Association of Hungarian Architects
1996-		Member of the Hungarian Association of Urbanism

Mobile:            +36-705233571